The Comic


Small-town artist Jolee Mayberry has just moved to the vibrant city of Port Metro. With the help of some new friends (including fringe-dwelling parkour master Rhiys and walking disaster Amy), Jolee begins to establish a new life in the big city… but she soon finds herself wrapped up in bizarre and increasingly dangerous adventures. Now Jolee must fight for
herself and her new friends in the only way she knows how… with a smile and a can of spray-paint!

WooHoo! is an upbeat, wacky cartoon comedy full of colour and energy. It’s a story of friendship, cities, art, pop culture, old secrets and new beginnings!

This comic has an irregular update schedule but typically updates weekly. WooHoo! is rated PG-13 for suggestive humour and content.

The Creators

avatar-jakMolly "Jakface" Němeček is a "draw whatever the hell inspires her at the current moment" kinda gal. She enjoys food, Legend of Zelda, playing video games, and laughing at fart jokes. She had a webcomic that ran for a few years called Insane Yeti Squirrel but retired it and is now working on WooHoo!. She is also the inker of JR's comic Even Death May Die! When she's not drawing comics, she enjoys drawing men with pompadours and cute butts and then posts it all on her Tumblr. Jak enjoys making people smile and hopes to one day have a comic she is proud to have made. In the meantime, she'll continue to have anxiety attacks while rolling around naked in paint singing "Good Vibrations" at the top of her lungs. She is also available for commissions!

Jakface is the creator of Woo Hoo! and most of its characters. As show-runner, she's responsible for the character designs and concepts, primary artwork and many background elements.

avatar-jordanJ.R. Boos is a writer, designer, artist, and film person in Vancouver. He's the brains behind the 'dieselpunk thrillventure' webcomic Even Death May Die!  and previously created Dead Metaphor, a humourous zombie comic. He runs a Twitter account full of artistic ramblings.

J.R. is the lead writer of Woo Hoo!. He also contributes his own art skills to the project, and is typically responsible for basic page compositions, environment design, logos and such. (He also designed this website.)

Both creators are part of Neon Planet Media, a Vancouver-based entertainment enterprise focusing on comics and films, with WooHoo! as its primary content.