A newcomer to Port Metro, Jolee Mayberry is a fun-loving country girl with big dreams and a bigger heart. Always something of an outsider, Jolee wants to make her mark on her new hometown the way she's always loved -- with bright colours and a smile. However, her energy and impulsiveness are tempered by her self-doubts; she's still learning who she really is, and where she belongs.

Comics: 70
Recent Appearance: Chapter 2, Page 68
First Appearance: Page 1


Cody "Sausage" MacKenzie is Ben's mentee through the Scienteer Siblings program. Long estranged from xyr parents, Cody is currently a permanent ward, living in a group home. Xe spends most of xyr time with Ben and the Urban Achievers troupe. Cody is a bright and perceptive kid who just wants to make xyr city a better place.

Comics: 39
Recent Appearance: Chapter 2, Page 68
First Appearance: Chapter 2: Cover


Loner, vegan, urban explorer, maverick - Rhiys Eichhörnchen is all this and (possibly) more. The fabric of the city is interwoven with Rhiys's very soul; city lights and adventure are his calling. He's fiercely loyal to his friends, and nothing pleases him more than to make them happy. Constantly on the move, Rhiys seems to be searching for something. He seems to know everything and everyone in Port Metro -- but does anyone really know him?

Comics: 37
Recent Appearance: Chapter 2, Page 62
First Appearance: Page 5


Amy Fang might just be the devil herself -- or so her friends will tell you. A teenaged art-punk from a wealthy background, Amy is a friend to all hackers, hippies and justice-seekers. Her recklessness is legendary, as is her foul mouth and her love of heavy music. A recent scheme-gone-wrong has left Amy with a karmic debt that she must repay with community service -- this may be the only thing keeping her from becoming a supervillain.

Comics: 30
Recent Appearance: Chapter 2, Page 61
First Appearance: Page 15


Wealthy dotcom CEO, male supermodel and famed yoga master, Sam Velasquez has it all -- at least on the surface. He's spent his life seeking to calm his deep inner turmoil, focusing his anger into a drive for success. But the storm rages on. Sam was once Rhiys's childhood best friend, but their friendship soured for reasons unknown...

Comics: 12
Recent Appearance: Chapter 2, Page 60
First Appearance: Page 15


Champion of law and order, Raj Bhatia is the eternal nemesis of trespassers, skateboarders and fun-havers. In his mind, rule-breaking (no matter how trivial) is a downhill slide into mere chaos, which Raj and his Creative Security teammates must prevent at all costs. Though it's encased in a steel shell, Raj does have a heart of gold.

Comics: 9
Recent Appearance: Page 24 - End of Chapter 1
First Appearance: Page 6


Rosa Laxamana has been the financial director for the Velasquez family empire for the better part of two decades, and Sam's mentor and caregiver for nearly that long. If wealth confers power, and power corrupts, then perhaps Rosa was unable to prevent Sam's decline. But she fondly remembers a more innocent time for both of them...

Comics: 4
Recent Appearance: Chapter 2, Page 61
First Appearance: Chapter 2, Page 57


Ben O'Mooney is Rhiys's best friend, as far as Rhiys has one! Ben grew up in tough circumstances; with vivid memories of bullying and trauma haunting his past, he swears to use his great strength only to protect. To that end, he's become very involved in the Scienteers program, mentoring youngsters like Cody, his Scienteer Sibling for several years now. In addition to volunteering, Ben's great loves include American football, fantasy novels and retro arcade gaming. He may or may not literally be a superhero.

Comics: 3
Recent Appearance: Chapter 2, Page 7
First Appearance: Chapter 2: Cover


Sister to Raj, Sativa Bhatia is Port Metro's top skateboarder when she's not busy slacking off with Amy and friends. More to come...

Comics: 2
Recent Appearance: Page 19
First Appearance: Page 15

Dr. Science

Dr. Janiqua T. Science is an influential public figure of Port Metro. Genius, inventor, environmentalist, TV celebrity, owner-operator of the Scientarium, founder of the Scienteers -- and that's just what she can fit onto the business card. Dr. Science considers herself an 'ethical innovator', and has spent many a night pondering the balance of reason, progress and giant robots with flamethrowers. She'll figure it out one day.

Comics: 2
Recent Appearance: Chapter 2, Page 9
First Appearance: Chapter 2: Cover