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Open on a vast coastal metropolis, skyscrapers glimmering pink in the sunset. Landmarks resembling Vancouver and Seattle jut from the skyline, including a tower resembling the Space Needle, a rooftop resembling Canada Place, and the dome of Telus World of Science.

JOLEE (narration):
Wow… my first day in the big city is already over!

JOLEE (narration):
Time flies when you pawn your watch.

Jolee, a young woman with a pink undercut and thick blonde hair, stands examining the map on a "Tourist Trap" information kiosk. She carries a gray duffel bag with her. Young city-dwellers amble past her on the sidewalk, ignoring her. A clothing store sign behind them reads "Banana Republican".

JOLEE (narration):
And I'm still totally lost. Not to mention hungry…

JOLEE (narration):
Hmm… "The Old Spaghetti Hatchery". Sounds yummy…

JOLEE (narration):
No! Don't get distracted!

Jolee traces her fingers along the map, looking confused.

JOLEE (narration):
Hostel first, then food! Now let's see…

JOLEE (narration):
Park Bay Drive? How can a drive even be a park?

JOLEE (narration):
Why can't places just have normal names, like Moosejaw?

A close-up of Jolee's fingers tracing the confusing city map.

JOLEE (narration):
Oh! There!

JOLEE (narration):
I can switch to the Key Line south-east to Tasty Station…

Jolee drools and stares into space as a thick aroma drifts past her nose.

JOLEE (narration):
Then ride the Hunger Bus to the 37-B Drooling… Starve…

JOLEE (narration):

Welcome to Port Metro! This is the inaugural page of WooHoo!

Small-town artist Jolee Mayberry has just moved to the vibrant city of Port Metro. With the help of some new friends (including fringe-dwelling parkour master Rhiys and walking disaster Amy), Jolee begins to establish a new life in the big city… but she soon finds herself wrapped up in bizarre and increasingly dangerous adventures. Now Jolee must fight for herself and her new friends in the only way she knows how… with a smile and a can of spray-paint!

WooHoo! is an upbeat, wacky cartoon comedy full of colour and energy. It’s a story of friendship, cities, romance, art, pop culture, old secrets and new beginnings!

As first conceived by Molly and I, WooHoo! is a vehicle for jokes and wacky situations, featuring a cast of new characters based off Molly’s earlier comic Insane Yeti Squirrel and also featuring cast members from my first comic effort Dead Metaphor. WooHoo! has since developed into an urban adventure-comedy, full of surrealism, sci-fi and fantasy elements, strange plot twists, a constant stream of (PG-13) gags and a lot of heart.

As city-dwellers we’re fascinated by urban phenomena like pop-up restaurants, parkour, geocaching, flash mobs, street art and urban exploration. We love to observe the intersections of modern technology with the amazing mix of human cultures, beliefs and histories that form a working city. At heart, WooHoo! is a story of all the ways people connect in a big city, the ways they disconnect, and the ways they start anew.

We hope you enjoy your visit to Port Metro. You may find you’ll never want to leave!