Frequently Asked Questions

How does this collaboration work?

There’s overlap in the process, but in general: Molly and Jordan brainstorm a general idea of the chapter and a few gags and puns to include. Jordan writes the dialogue, plots the story in detail and creates the initial page compositions with stick figures and any necessary photo reference. Molly does the character art / design and as many environment and other artistic elements as she has time for. Then Jordan does the remaining art assist — colour effects, graphic design and typography. After we agree on a final version of the page, it gets uploaded!

We both do more or less depending on the page and the need. It’s not a traditional writer-artist relationship, but it works for us.

Is Rhiys a human version of Insane Yeti Squirrel?

Short answer: No. Long answer: Yes. Confused? Good.

Rhiys did indeed originate as a jokey human version of Jak’s character Insane Yeti Squirrel. His name is even an acronym for it: Real Human Insane Yeti Squirrel. Over the course of years, though, Jak developed Rhiys into a separate character with his own personality and quirks. Despite his origins, Rhiys should be considered a distinct entity from Insane Yeti Squirrel.

Where is Port Metro supposed to be?

Port Metro is a Canadian city in the Pacific Northwest. It’s based primarily on Vancouver, with some features of Victoria, Seattle and Portland mixed in.

What’s with the slotters?

Slotters are the mascots of “Woo Hoo!”. They’re an adorable hybrid animal native to the coastline around Port Metro. Popular as pets, slotters are renowned for their friendliness, inquisitiveness and playfulness. The city has set up a Slotterhouse as a shelter for lost and abandoned slotters.

Behind the scenes: ‘Slotter’ was a funny name that Jeanine came up with during some brainstorming. We first featured the creatures on Page 16, our Canada Day 2013 update.

But I saw on College Humor that–

No. You stop there and you turn your horse around and ride out of this town and never come back.

Here’s the deal. On October 24th of 2013, website College Humor featured an article entitled “8 Animal Hybrids That Would Break the Internet if They Existed“, with illustrator Caldwell Tanner’s own slotters being #1. We were incensed at first– but it turned out to be a coincidence of silly minds thinking alike. After being made aware of our slotters, Caldwell plugged “Woo Hoo!” on social media, which was very nice of him.

How do you make those stylized backgrounds and colours?

It’s a gumbo of elements. A lot of blending effects, vectors, drawings and textures that we warp and hammer into place until they look right. We hope you like it!

I hear Amy Fang is in another comic called Dead Metaphor. Can I read that?

No. Jordan took it down. It might come back one day in the far future (or in a different form, like a novel), but not right now!